Chris Gaffey

Salford-born Chris misspent his youth with guitars, balls and pencils.

A teenage accident left him blind in one eye, but its bionic replacement can see through clothing and into the future. He survived the same school as Danny Boyle and after studying graphic design he embarked on a career in advertising in late 80s Madchester. For the best part of two decades Chris was an award-winning creative conceiving commercials, campaigns and content for brands all over the world.

His visual versatility saw him switch to directing in 2003 and he continues to bring an indefatigable energy and enthusiasm to all his work, combining strong images with natural performances on a diverse range of cross-platform projects. Chris’s life-long passion for sport and unrivalled understanding of how to get the best out of an athlete on the screen, has seen him shoot with international players of many Premier League clubs as well members of the England Rugby League squad during their preparations for the World Cup.

Not one to sit about, Chris is currently doing his Rugby Union coaching qualifications and loves Guinness, Manchester United and talking. A master craftsman, when he’s not making films he makes furniture.

chris gaffey portrait black label